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Funding of model projects in the Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg

The state is funding innovative projects with more than 100 million euros

The state is currently funding more than 60 projects with around 100 million euros in two funding rounds under the umbrella of the Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg. These initiatives are led by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration or the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism.

The goal of the project grant is to develop model projects with concrete added value for citizens that have nationwide and international impact and position Baden-Württemberg as a leading region in the near future. The funding is used to drive forward innovative developments - including key topics such as personalised medicine, digitisation, artificial intelligence and telemedicine.

Field of action 3

In order to be at the forefront in international comparisons and in the diverse fields of modern medicine, it is necessary to better link the work of all players in the innovation system of medicine.

Field of action 4

To overcome regulatory barriers within innovation processes, stakeholders in the healthcare industry should collaborate first at the state level and then at the federal and/or EU level.

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