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With health at the top

About the Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg

The Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg currently brings together around 600 stakeholders from companies, universities, research institutions and healthcare providers. They are all pursuing the goal of further developing Baden-Württemberg as a healthcare location. This strategic process with the support of the state government aims for Baden-Württemberg to become the leading location for medical research, the development and manufacture of medical products and modern and innovative healthcare. To this end, the "Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg" is funding a wide variety of innovative projects in the fields of health research, health economy and healthcare provision.

Tasks of the Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg

The healthcare industry is a supporting pillar for the economy in Baden-Württemberg. Alongside mechanical engineering and the automotive industry, the healthcare industry is growing into a new leading industry that, due to the socio-economic development of the population, is gaining in importance not only for the economy but also for the provision of healthcare to citizens. To further strengthen this sector the "Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg" was launched in 2018.

As a first step, a platform for strategic exchange between all stakeholders and experts of the health region was created in order to jointly define fields of action, enable new partnerships and intensively consult with regard to a future-oriented further development of the region.

600 experts from Baden-Württemberg...

...represent the forum in the following areas:

  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Health insurance companies
  • Research institutes and universities
  • Biotech, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies

You can find an overview of some actors of the forum here.

The common goal is to promote innovation, provide patients with the best possible care, strengthen science and industry, and break down thinking in terms of specialist areas and responsibilities. The aim is to develop model projects in Baden-Württemberg that have a concrete added value for citizens, that will have a national and international impact and position Baden-Württemberg as a leading health region in the near future. To this end, the "Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg" promotes numerous projects in the fields of health research, health economy and healthcare. When selecting these initiatives a focus is set on interdisciplinary nature. In addition, the projects should explicitly benefit the citizens and should pursue new approaches in research and care. Funded projects range from personalized medicine and new approaches in the field of care to telemedicine and the fight against multi-resistant hospital germs.

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Coordination of the Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg

Three thematic blocks have been defined for the topics to be addressed in the Forum Health Region, each of which is being worked on under the leadership of a ministry: The Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration is responsible for the development of efficient and quality-oriented structures in health care. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism is responsible for application-oriented research as well as innovation, value creation and employment in the healthcare industry. The Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts is responsible for science and research.

BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH acts as a coordination and business office for the Forum. In addition, an interministerial working group was established at operational level under the leadership of the State Ministry and with the participation of the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Social Affairs and BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH in order to coordinate the overall work of the Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg.

Website address: https://www.forum-gesundheitsstandort-bw.de/en/about-forum