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Here you can find all english publications of the Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg.

Publication – February 2023

The digitalisation of the health sector and the digital collection and use of health data offer significant opportunities for medical progress. In order to make use of these opportunities, the Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg proposes to the European institutions to consider certain points in the proposed regulation for a European Health Data Space. Minister President Kretschmann summarises this as follows: "We want clear European regulations with strictly controlled specifications for a future uniform treatment of health data. Responsible use of this data holds enormous opportunities, for example, for tailor-made therapies, new medicines and more location-independent healthcare."

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Publication – March 2022

Big data can achieve a lot, especially in medicine: Big data analyses or AI are already improving diagnostics and therapies in many areas. We want to make further progress in this field and aim to develop new methods for the treatment of rare diseases or chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac insufficiency or cancer – for a better medical care for all of us. For this reason, the state government will develop a data space for health, to create attractive conditions for the use of data while taking data protection and data security into account. You can read more about this in the "Roadmap Health Data Use Baden-Württemberg".

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