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Topics of Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg

On this page you will find an overview of the topics that are the main focus of the Forum Health Region Baden-Württemberg.

Our self-diagnosis: It's time to digitize an digitalise the industry! Here you can learn more about the role of health data in therapy and diagnostics and which new digital solutions are being worked on in Baden-Württemberg.

Here you can find out which diagnostic methods are being researched in the region, why this plays an important role in medicine and which significance these diagnostic methods have for customised, personalised medicine.

The shortage of skilled workers is felt particularly strongly in the healthcare sector. Discover initiatives and projects that address the need for skilled workers in the healthcare sector and work on innovative training concepts in this area.

Our philosophy: Digital, but close to people. Discover here why digitisation and digitalisation play such a big role in healthcare and how Baden-Württemberg is pioneering access to digital services.

Here you can gain exciting insights into innovative solutions in the manufacture of drugs and medical products! You will also learn, for example, how endogenous cells can be used to fight cancer.

We are not all the same. That's why the therapy of the future will also be tailored to individual patients. Here you can find out which new therapy and treatment strategies are being researched and developed under the umbrella of the Forum. Ever wondered, how a customised therapy is developed? You will find the answers here!

Website address: https://www.forum-gesundheitsstandort-bw.de/en/topics